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Hey guys,

Take a break and enjoy the world through the eyes of a Romanian engineer who had to courage to leave everything behind and follow his passion for travel.

I’m Bogdan or Nick in some other parts, a small guy with big aspirations.  Born in a tiny city of Romania with a funny name, I decided that life is not only about studying, taking a job, an apartment or a car. It’s about finding what you want, fulfill your dreams, live with passion and enthusiasm every second of it for you to be able to say when you’ll be 90 years old … I “lived” my life.

Rolf Potts and his book “Vagabonding”  made me understand that the perfect way to have a meaningful growth in your life is by far  TRAVELING. Meeting new people, having new experiences, facing new problems is what it shapes your character.

What I could do, just go for it and give it a try. In 2015 I quit my job (like everybody else is doing these days) and went in SE Asia for a solo travel.

That was the trigger point.

You want to find out how I got from a planning and designing job in Bucharest, work on oil and gas field in Suriname (South America), Belgium, volunteer in Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia to live in China at the moment (temporarily)?

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Let’s get in touch easier on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or if you like traditional way, let’s go out for a beer.

Rostoryteller is intended to be a personal sharing stories blog where I want to bring my experiences closer to you, make you see everything as I see, feel and live.

I do not intend to teach or preach, I simply share!