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One-way ticket and a lot of thoughts

Have you ever wondered how you feel when you press the submit button and buy a one-way ticket to SE Asia? Without planning too much and not knowing when you’ll come back??? Amazing, incredibly excited, happy, will be your answer, everyone will say like this, and yes, of course, it was also my case, but till the departure time…lots of thoughts crossed my mind.

Taking the decision

A year already passed from the time I discovered “Vagabondingby Rolf Potts and in the same time my passion for traveling. Finally, I was ready to experience all those beautiful feelings, all those states of mind, fear of unknown, excitement of discovering, the joy of embracing new cultures. No longer I had to live all these feelings through reading a book between walls.

After postponing too much the decision to leave, a few beers in one night with some friends resolved the situation. Came home a little bit “happy”, searched for tickets, found a good one, inserted my card credentials, SUBMIT – job done – best decision ever. From that night till departure time – two weeks and no plan, amazing, right?

Finally, those two weeks quickly passed. Two weeks of giving explanations to family, friends why, how I took this decision. Two weeks of asking myself if it was the right thing to do, to spend all my savings on traveling, which for many was a fad, but for me, in that moment it was a necessity.

one-way ticket to SE Asia
Bucharest – making the first step

The starting point

I tried not to find all the answers and in a Tuesday morning, after saying goodbye to a special person, took my backpack, a bus till airport, and next my big adventure was already starting. An adventure about which I read and waited one year long.

While the plane was preparing to take off, my thoughts already were flying to all those beautiful places which I will see, people whom I will meet, experiences which I will get.   I was afraid, alone in all this, me and myself, direction – unknown.

My head was a big question mark, keep asking myself where I’ll go, how it will be, what I’ll find there, whether I will find what I’m looking for. All this, I couldn’t wait to fill in the answer for each of them, if I will find it.

 With all in my mind, a big smile across to my face, it was a strange smile, the smile of a crazy guy who took the step without thinking too much but totally and fully embraces it.

one-way ticket to SE ASIA
Sunrise above Bangkok – new beginning

How about you, what thoughts came to your mind when the plane took off?


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Nicolae Bogdan

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2 thoughts to “One-way ticket and a lot of thoughts”

  1. I am so proud of you Bogdan! I really admire your courage! After a couple of projects in other countries working on behalf of my previous company , I have done the same thing when I have decided to leave permanently Romania for an engineering job in Manchester, UK. Just a one-way flight ticket and taaa-dahh, now I am living alone in a big city facing everything possible. It was a huge challenge for such a small fucking scared girl like me. Well, I am still unhappy because I feel that I won t do engineering stuffs until the end of my life, so I pray one day I will have the same brave attitude as you have had and I will chase my dreams. For sure I will find the way to free myself of fears ! Lots of kisses and stay safe. I hope we ll see each other again ! Alina.

    1. Hey Alina, tks for your comment. Yeah like you said, i felt that this life has much more to offer than working in an office in a 9 to 5 job (in my case 7 to 6) and i took to step. You need to be a little bit brave but believe me, after you will do it once, you would like to do it over an over. That “one day” can come sooner if you desire enough to bring some changes in your life. Good luck and hope to see you one day, in UK, or who knows, on the road.

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