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How to sleep for free in a five star hotel

Have you ever experience moments when you think and act outside of the box even if all the facts are saying not to take any risks? My advice is:

“Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figure out yet.”

I remember how afraid, lost, excited, full of question I was in the airplane from Bucharest to Bangkok, starting my first big trip in SE Asia. You can read more about Bangkok and his amazing attractions in this article.

I couldn’t stop asking myself how it will be, what kind of adventure I will have and the most important If I will find what I’m looking for.

During the first day, I explored the area, talked to some backpackers, tasted the Thai food, had some beers and of course, I started to explore the social network’s options. (You know what I mean). That night I went to the Couchsurfing event, where I met a lot of people from all over the world, had nice discussions, shared beautiful stories.

The night finished by going to sleep when the sun started to rise. Not bad for my first day in Asia.

Party on Khaosan road
Party on Khaosan Road

Short introduction – all this time I was talking with a local girl on a social network.

Next day I explored temples, surroundings and kept talking with the same girl. After a while, she invited me to come to her hotel, where she was staying. Of course, my mind thought that maybe it’s a trap, she will put someone to beat me, steal from me, or even worse, she is a shemale. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against them but I choose to go out with opposite sex.

I took only a few dollars with me and went to meet her. After I met, I knew that all my thoughts were completely wrong.

Meet “A”, a pretty Thai accountant who came in Bangkok with business, had a lot of work, but she wanted also to spend her time in making new friends and interesting people who are traveling. She invited me to have dinner together and after a very nice discussion about Thailand, traveling, food, differences between our countries, I spent the night in there.

I sat,  thought and laughing to myself that I barely arrived in Bangkok and I’m sleeping in The Landmark,  a five stars hotel located in the city center, where a double room costs around 2 – 300$. Not bad for a backpacker who came from a 5$/night hostel.

Landmark hotel room

Even the bed was soo comfortable, I couldn’t sleep all night because my mind was playing with me, all the time thinking that something is wrong, maybe three big guys will come in and beat me to death, or it’s a setup. To my relief, nothing happened.

“A” was amazing, next following days we spent it together. She suggested me places to visit, things to do, basic Thai words, and paid for dinner every night. She was so kind and generous, and so glad that she can share what she has. For me, it was totally unbelievable, because from where I’m coming this kind of gestures are not so common, especially with someone you just met.

generous Sea food dinner

The hotel was amazing from all points of view. Apart from impeccable room service, super modern room, delicious breakfast, the most I liked the pool on the 9th floor where I went for a few times to swim.

The Landmark swimmig pool

She explained to me that all the time she’s working hard for her business, and from time to time she enjoys to detach from work by doing some good deeds, helping someone, promoting her country and in the same time get to know a new culture, a new person, a new way of thinking. I was totally surprised about her mind. We got along so well, and because of that, we met again after 2 weeks in the north of Thailand. She took care to explain me about their culture, tradition, habits, way of living. I’m so grateful and thanks to her, I was able “to embrace” more the Thai culture.

Don’t say no to opportunities, take some time, measure the situation well, but try to be a yes man, embrace the unknown and take risks, who knows maybe you will be the next guest in Landmark Hotel.

How about you? Have you ever had a situation that was awkward but till the end turned out to be a good choice?


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    1. Cand calatoresti pe termen mai lung si esti deschis, poti sa ai parte de tot felul de surprize. Asta nu este singura care mi s-a intamplat. Tine aproape si vei vedea ca se poate si mai bine de atat. 🙂 Ms, si da, chiar ma consider un norocos :))

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