Morning ceremony of the monks

You need a new friend?

Did it happen to you to hear that voice in your head saying to do a certain thing, but for various reasons and circumstances, you choose to do something else? I know I’ve done it thousands of times. I would like to live in those parallel universes and see what paths would I have got if I listened to that voice.

This time I did it!

On the way to Chiang Mai

Shiny perfect day. I was ready to close the Bangkok chapter, sitting in the airport, Don Mueang, waiting to embark to Chiang Mai. Behind me, a girl was explaining to a friend,  with a great amusement, how she landed on BKK and tried, unlucky, to find the next flight to Chiang Mai. The only problem was that she had to change the airport to take the next plane. For those who don’t know, including our girl, Bangkok has two airports, BKK and DM.

Something popped in my mind. This is the perfect excuse to start a conversation, make a funny joke and ask her if Bangkok has two airports and boom, you have it, conversation with a pretty girl. From this idea to put into practice took me 20 minutes, plus going around three times. At some point, I remembered Konstantin advice, the Russian guy from CouchSurfing meeting. All I have to do is –  act, act and interact as much as I can with people. You never know what can happen. That was the final kick in the back. Acted, made the funny joke and…

Meet new friends
Meet Suzy and the “tongue out” guy

there she is, Suzy, a  21-year-old, young and extremely vivid Canadian girl. Yoga and meditation instructor, passionate vegan, Suzy surprised me with the stories she went through. The funny thing was, on the plane, the seats near me were empty, and seeing this, she came to accompany me during the entire flight.

Chiang Mai and Doi Suthep

We kept in touch and next day we went together to Doi Suthep, a temple perched on top of a mountain where you can see how the city spreads in valleys and hills.  Took a songthaew (the red popular taxi from CM) to the top and start to climb the stairs of the temple. We went around, making us the way through the tourist’s crowd and headed to the viewpoint.
A special place but unfortunately was losing essence because of a large number of visitors.

Beginning of the stairs to Doi Suthep temple
Beginning of the stairs to Doi Suthep temple
View point over Chiang Mai
“Smiley” viewpoint over Chiang Mai

Let’s do it again

After enjoying the view and taking pictures, we were ready to go back. Thinking that this place deserves more, we decided for next day to rent a scooter and return again early in the morning before sunrise and enjoy the first rays of the sun directly on top of the mountain, when most lazy people sleep.

We had only one problem,  in whole my life I drove only twice a scooter, and both times had fallen. Having heard from Suzy that she is driving scooter from 13 years old, we already decided who will take the keys next day.  I rented a scooter in the evening, woke up next day at 4:20 AM, drove extremely carefully till  Suzy, handed over the keys and took the “back seat”.

Ridding the scooter
Backseat it’s always safer
Doi Suthep temple - Stairs
Doi Suthep temple – Stairs

Reaching the top, the temple looked different. Nobody, besides us, climbed or descended. The temple stairs this time stretched even further. We took a deep breath and jumped into a step by step race to the top. In the temple, monks were preparing for the morning ceremony. I witnessed with great joy their songs. The walls of the temple had a different sound, a sound of silence.

Strange feelings

Suzy made me a promise, that in the top, she will give a guided meditation session. We chose the viewpoint as a base and started. The session went unexpectedly … spiritual. Her voice, words, the silence of the surroundings, wild birds song, bells of the monks made me momentarily detach, watching myself from far away. Unknown feeling.

She gave me lessons about yin&yang, chakra, and how you can use yoga to activate all these points. You could see astonishment on my face. How was possible that this 21 years old teenager can have so many spiritual knowledge?

Morning ceremony of the monks
Morning ceremony
Meditation spot
Guided meditation spot


Temple yard – morning emptyness
Temple yard – morning emptiness

Because of the meditation?

On the way back we decided to see a waterfall. Finding out the story of each of us, as we began to travel and how certain situations in life that appear randomly change 180 degrees throughout the course, was a special moment.

At some point a butterfly begins to give us the prowl and decided to land on my hand, staying long enough for us to look, take photos and record. It never happened to me such a thing. If I remember well, in childhood, I was the one who chased the butterfly.

Perhaps the positive energy from meditation made me more attractive? For butterflies? Hmm. Even more curious was that it repeated this route  5 times, all by going to the water and coming back on my hand. Maybe the first time was coincidence, but 5 times in a row, it was a sign, don’t you think?

Meet our new friend - a butterfly

How to make a pet out of a butterfly - meditate
How to make a pet out of a butterfly – meditate

After several sessions of photo shooting with our new friend, we took the way back home, occupying the places on the scooter in order of handling experience.

Saying Goodbye

Arriving back in town, I said goodbye to Suzy with a big hug from both sides and with the hope and confidence that maybe we’ll see each other again.

To wrap it up I want to say that none of this would happen if I hadn’t followed the advice of the Russian guy regarding to start to talk with people and listen to my conscience.

So whenever you hear that voice which shouts to you, follow it, listen to it, do not create parallel universes, you should be the one who chooses the universe where you want to BE.

Start a conversation with random people. You never know who can become your newest friend.

You are interested in finding more about Suzy’s journey, check out her Instagram account – @suzyshines!

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